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My education is in art and design. My business experience is in advertising and marketing.

I designed my first website with a manual in my lap. The Internet was in its infancy and if you wanted a website, you built it yourself. As VP of a multi-million dollar marketing business, the responsibility of figuring out how to design a responsive, profitable website was mine.


Instant success and surprise


My first site was an instant success. Doubling lead generation, new inquiries and conversions in five short months.

Then something completely unexpected happened. Family, friends, business associates, and even my competition, asked me to design and build their new websites. Numerous websites later, I realized website design was what I wanted to do. I could use my art, design and marketing skills—and have fun doing it.

I love what I do. I enjoy collaborating with my clients to make their website ideas come alive with impact, clarity and believability.

Since becoming my own boss, I've worked on projects across 37 industries, from automotive sales to health and human development organizations. Including;


I was also Executive Producer of a four time Emmy nominated PBS documentary. Winning two Emmy Awards including the prestigious Award for Outstanding Achievement for Documentary of Cultural Significance. The program was distributed Internationally.

I've built websites with code, html editors, online site builders and Squarespace.

I'm not telling this to impress you. But to impress upon you I possess the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to make your dream site a reality.


Ultimate website design solution


I specialize in Squarespace web design exclusively.

The Squarespace platform is an all-in-one web publishing solution. Like Grandma's housecoat, it covers everything. Award winning templates, blogging platform, commerce platform, domain name registration, responsive web design so sites look good on desktops, tablets and smartphones. No plug-ins or security issues to worry about, and your site is automatically backed up. Squarespace offers the most options, is easy to use, and reasonably priced.

But, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:


Your turnkey custom web site launched in 5 days flat


Squarespace allows me to complete a website much faster than other platforms. Resulting in significant savings and affordable web design packages.

Because Squarespace offers so much in one platform, I've developed a system that allows me to work one-on-one with my clients and launch a turnkey, awesome website in as little as five days.


I answer my own phone and work one-on-one with my clients. I do not farm out components like many designers. I design the entire website to ensure the continuity of the strategic message and the congruency of brand identity.


I only work on one website at a time. I give your site my full attention to ensure it fulfills its intended purpose.


Search engine optimization is required for quality page rank and organic traffic. SEO is a marketing function many designers fail to understand and underestimate its value. I SEO your site to its maximum potential with compelling meta tags, keywords, internal and external links and other SEO strategies.


I'm a Squarespace Circle Member which means new sites I create get a 20% discount on the first year's hosting fee (when paid with the annual option).


After website launch, I provide content management training. You’ll learn how to post blogs, make updates in content, additions and deletions. Completely eliminating the need and ongoing expense of a webmaster. Content management becomes simple and easy when you learn how.


I'm available for post launch consultation free of charge if you need me. Questions, clarifications, suggestions? Just call, we'll get it done.


I urge you to call so we can discuss your site. I love talking websites, so whether you're a pro or newbie we can determine what type of website will best serve your needs. You can schedule your consultation here.


When you need your web visitor to take a specific action like…

  • Call Now

  • Contact for more information

  • Buy Now

  • Free Download/Newsletter

  • Contact

…your site is a direct response site. My specialty. What I'm known for, having designed and built more than 1,000 direct response web pages. The site you're reading now is a direct response site.

My name is Barbara Yarnell. I sincerely believe I offer the best web design service at the most reasonable cost in the shortest period of time with the least amount of hassle, grief, or inconvenience.

I invite you to call (512) 264-0549 to discuss your web project and see if we're a match. I'm easy to do business with.

Thanks for reading,

Barbara Yarnell, Barb’s Website Design.

Some personal stuff


I live in Spicewood on a hilltop with my husband. Just west of Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We've rescued pets in crisis for most of our marriage. We’ve had dogs with epilepsy, cats requiring subcutaneous fluid therapy, and other conditions needing 24/7 attention. I highly recommend getting involved with your local animal rescue groups. Donate time, resources, or open up your home to a furry friend looking for a happy ending. The need is great, and each of us can positively impact the lives of critters in trouble.