Frequently Asked Questions


I get the following questions frequently. Short answers covering important topics. If you're serious about a new website or redesign of a current site, I recommend taking advantage of my free project consultation. Once we define what you expect from your site, we can develop an outline that achieves your website's goals in the shortest time possible.


I need a website. Where do I start?


Define the purpose of your website and the goals you want to accomplish. Determine the specific content required to achieve your website's purpose and goals. Give me a call, we'll discuss your site concept, target market and the components, number of pages and design elements necessary to increase traffic and encourage conversions.


How long does it take?


The time required to complete a website depends on size, components and design elements necessary for your site to achieve its purpose and goals. A simple 3-5 page site can be completed and launched in one week. A larger, more complex site requires 30 days. Size, content, design and components you select for your site determine the time required to complete and launch.


Why Squarespace?


Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that saves time, money and grief. Award winning templates make your business look professional. And with my after-launch training, you can be your own webmaster, saving time and money as you keep your site current.

I use Squarespace exclusively because it offers my clients maximum control at an affordable rate. Squarespace is a game changer, and the most usable web platform I've used.


How much does Squarespace cost?


Squarespace offers reasonable hosting fees and as a Circle member, I can pass on a 20% discount off your first year's hosting. More information about Squarespace packages here. If you're not sure which package you need, we'll go over it during our Consultation.

You'll also need a domain name which runs approximately $10-20 per year.


Can I move my site from another host to Squarespace?


Absolutely. Once you select a template, it's a simple process of adding your branding, connecting social media accounts, importing content from the old site, styling the new site. Finally, move your domain and cancel service with your old provider. I left out a few steps so as not to bore you to tears. I promise to be more specific about time and cost after reviewing your current site.


Why have someone else build my site?


Because a professional website design pays dividends daily. Most websites developed on appearance and message alone disappoint in the all important category of attracting traffic and encouraging conversions. To attract organic traffic and search engine page rank, your site must be properly search engine optimized. SEO attracts traffic — site content encourages conversions. If you want a professional website have a skilled experienced professional do your design.


Does it matter which template I use?


Yes, templates should be selected based on business type and site goals. Restaurants, art galleries, photographers and videographers need templates that compliment full screen photography and video.

In comparison, professional services like air-conditioning, roofing contractors and dentists, need a template to prominently feature copy and their message. Base your selection on the most dramatic and compelling way to tell your story and present your message with impact, believability and clarity.


Can you re-design my old site?


Yes, on the Squarespace platform. When your current design looks old, tired and outdated, a redesign is recommended. A redesign can be simple or complex depending on your website goals. Call me, let's review your current site together and discuss redesign options. You'll be amazed what can be accomplished with a simple redesign.


My business has lots of competition. How do I make it stand out?


Marketing incest is a huge problem. Where every website looks the same, offers the same products and services, at a similar price. Making your business stand out from the pack is not a difficult task. As a matter of fact, you can even design your site to reposition your competition in the marketplace. Your content, and how it is presented, can leapfrog you ahead of your competition in traffic volume, brand identity and increased conversions.


I'm starting from scratch. I need a logo, branding material, copy and images.


No problem. I can design a complete branding package, select relevant photos and also provide compelling copy that gets your web visitor's attention, creates interest and develops the necessary desire to take the actions you ask. Barb's Website Design does it all. I'm a one-stop shop.


My current website must be invisible. Poor traffic and few conversions. What's the problem and can you help?


That's what I do! Most web designers are exactly that. They design web sites without understanding the marketing concepts required to turn a website into a peak performance site. There are numerous reasons websites fail. Including boring copy, me-messages, clutter and no clear and easy way to respond to the offer. If your website is invisible and you're disappointed with its performance, let's do a review and discuss ways to fix the problem.


Talk to me


Give me a call. That's the best way to begin. I don't twist arms or corner you with a sales pitch. I'm interested in doing your website design work because that's how I pay my bills. But I'm also sincerely committed to providing you with the best service available, at a reasonable cost, with the least amount of hassle or confusion. And that's my personal promise to you.

Barbara Yarnell, Barb’s Website Design