"Small business web design that connects with your reader, communicates your value, encouraging traffic, conversions and revenue"

Sacrifice spectacle for sincerity, simplicity and quality content—and your site becomes an island of good taste in a sea of vulgarity…


I have a distinct advantage over most web designers. My background is in the psychology of persuasion—advertising, marketing, public relations and sales.

I build and design websites for the sole purpose of convincing the reader to accept your point of view as their own and take the specific action you want them to take, right now.


I accomplish this by combining your expert knowledge of your business, market and customers with my unique design elements. I emphasize…


Website Purpose


The purpose of every website is to:

  • make the visitor feel good about you

  • create confidence in your business

  • convince the visitor you are competent, professional, safe, successful

  • align values

  • create rapport

  • build expectation and anticipation

  • develop excitement and desire for your offer


Dynamic Visual Appeal


My website designs are clean, simple and elegant. Beautiful to look at. Easy to read and navigate. Most importantly, a memorable, definitive message conveying your brand identity.


Competitive Advantage


How good you are at telling your market who you are. One of the most powerful and important components of your website. Here's why…

Before a web visitor will take the specific actions you ask…

  • They must like you before they trust you

  • Must trust you before they believe you

  • And must believe you before they take action

A quality competitive advantage accomplishes all of this. For an excellent example of a real-time competitive advantage in action, visit About Me.


Performance Difference


How good you are at defining and communicating why you're a superior choice to all other available options. This is accomplished with comparisons, demonstration and social proof like facts, data, endorsements, awards and an abundance of evidence to support your market position.

Information educates. Facts convince. Defining a unique performance difference is mandatory for any business success. Ignore it and every website looks and sounds the same.

These are only four website design elements that virtually guarantee increased traffic and conversions. Other components include e-mail acquisition and lead generation components, home page welcome video, strategic SEO and more.

I combine proven marketing appeals with high impact visual design elements to persuade your website visitor tomorrow will be better than today when they take the specific actions you ask.

Go to my About Me page and find out why I am uniquely qualified to design and build your website.